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Jitendra Kumar Penikelapati

Jitendra Kumar Penikelapati

CEO at Akshaya Automations

As a student I was always focused on learning fast and grabbing various opportunities.
I have worked in automation sector for 5 years and always my choice has been to work with startups while I had lucrative offers from MNCs. Reason is simple the exposure we get with startups is tremendous.

When I have decided to do something on my own like any middle class youth I had lot of doubts and inhibitions. At this juncture I have come across the savyasaachi workshop for people interested in pursuing Entrepreneurship or Independent professionals.
The guidance here is so tremendous, just two keywords during my initial days of my venture has given me a paradigm shift. 
1. We are here to make you an Entrepreneur not a Glorified Electrician.
2. Focus on technologies that can provide a holistic solution rather than providing peace meal work like automating machines.

While the first point triggered me to focus on building teams, the latter one made to work ideas like IoT, ML, AI etc which made us one the finest teams in south India who have built real time solutions and receiving great acceptance from global counters

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