frequently asked questions

What are the various activities of Su-Swatantra Foundation?
  • Savyasaachi division offering Educational solutions on Entrepreneurship
  • Dronacharya division providing mentoring to startups from I Focus Mission
  • Chanakya division offering business solutions to firms and establishments
How is the Savyasaachi program structured in terms of sessions and workshops?
  • Duration: 3 months, Full time
  • Curriculum: 27 Topics related to Business, Management, Entrepreneurship, Organizational functions etc., are included
  • Contemporary best practices from Indian Ethos, Leadership, Culture dealing with values and ethics are specially discussed & deliberated
  • Industry visits, guest lectures, skill building activities are part of the training
Do I need to have technical or domain knowledge to be an entrepreneur? What skills does Savyasaachi teach me?
What is a typical day in a Savyasachi‘s day?
  • Half day would include Class room based teaching, learning
  • Rest of the day includes Homework, assignments, assessments, skill development
  • Personal Business Plan is part of the every-day work
Do I have to write a test to get selected for the program?
Admission is through Admission test which is currently is offline mode
What is the typical style and structure of the online test?
Is work experience mandatory to join the program?
No. However, it helps in understanding the concepts much better.
Does my academic background or work experience help me in securing a seat in your program?
Yes, in case there is a clash in securing admission because of securing similar marks in admission test. Admission panel considers above applicant details in finalizing seat.
I have an academic degree in business management, how do you think ‘Savyasaachi’ program would benefit me?
Applicants with Business Management background would be able to quickly connect to the concepts compared to those who are not having similar background.
Does Su-Swatantra invest in ideas?
  • Su-Swatantra only brings a doable and executable shape to a business idea through coaching, mentoring and training.
  • Persons with such ideas are introduced to potential investors.
I have an idea, does Su-Swatantra help in raising funds?
What is the incubation program? How does it work?
  • Nearly forty startups from the I Focus Mission are at various phases of development under the umbrella of Su-Swatantra Foundation.
  • These businesses are nurtured and grown under the ‘Dronacharya Division’ of Su-Swatantra.
  • Best practices are created and put in place in terms of processes, procedures, resources etc., under the initiative.
  • Incubation/ development facilities are extended to the other business firms under the ‘Chanakya Division’
Would there be an agreement between Su-Swatantra and I, if I were to get selected for the incubation program?
  • Business firms can seek developmental support from Su-Swatantra Foundation through the Chanakya Division.
  • Customized support is provided through counseling, mentoring and in-house training
Do you help me with writing business plans and pitching propositions to help me in secure investments?
Yes. Business documentation is part of Chanakya division.
I run a startup. Do you think I should still think of joining Savyasachi program?
Yes. It would help you in overcoming at least 100 mistakes committed by startupreneurs.
I am not looking for funding at the moment. How can Savyasachi program still help me?
  • Savyasaachi helps the participants to develop opportunities in four principal directions:
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Intrapreneurship
    • Sweat equity partnership
    • Employment
I have a few ideas that I am working on. Can I get those validated and restructured by your guidance?
Yes, you can reach us to get guidance under Chanakya division.
Can I expect Su-Swatantra to extend it advisory service to me after I complete my course?
All Savyasaachi participants would continue to get advisory service for their lifetime from Su-Swatantra Foundation, through established forum/s.
Can I take one of the mentors on my company's board after the completion of the program?
Can Su-Swatantra help me find domain experts that can teach me skills specific to my idea?
Yes, Su-Swatantra Foundation has a well-established eco-system to support requirements of various industries. Experts would be excited to associate, subject to their availability.
Can I team up with my course-mates and build a company? What benefit would I get if I take that approach?
Collaboration spirit is at the heart of all Su-Swatantra members and partners. Beneficial exchanges are a natural way of growth.
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15 Mar, 2019
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